How to accumulate credit card rewards

Extreme couponers have always been fans of stacking coupons, using multiple discounts on the same purchase. 

Some credit card users practice a similar form of extreme savings by including multiple discounts and rewards programs when shopping with their cards. This is how you can do it (and save big) too!

The easiest way to get additional rewards with your credit card is to use an online shopping portal. Many credit card programs offer rewards when you make purchases at an online retailer after clicking on a link on the credit card shopping site.

In addition, many airline and hotel loalty programs offer shopping portals that allow you to earn additional points and miles from your purchases. For example, United Airlines has Astro Shopping and Hilton has the Honors Shop-to-Earn mall.

Finally, there are portals such as Ebates and Mr. Rebates that offer cash reimbursement. Unfortunately, you can only earn rewards on one portal for each purchase. It is not uncommon to earn three points or miles per dollar from major retailers, and much more from specialized stores.

Get sign up bonuses for your credit cards

Get sign up bonuses for your credit cards

Another way to accumulate savings is to earn subscription bonuses for new credit card offers. For example, suppose a card offers new cardholders $ 150 in cash after spending $ 500 on new purchases within three months of opening the account. With this offer, you can think of your $ 500 purchases as additional earnings of 30 cents per dollar in cash.

These purchases valued at $ 500 are eligible for the card’s integrated rewards program (cash back or travel points) in addition to the bonus offers from the shopping portals. A purchase could generate three different types of reward points!

Request specific offers from your credit card issuers

Request specific offers from your credit card issuers

The credit card industry is intensely competitive, and banks are always looking for ways to encourage customers to use their cards over others. One way is to offer bonus rewards for spending for a certain period of time. For example, you may be offered an offer of 5,000 bonus points when you use your card to make purchases of $ 1,000 each month for three months.

To find out if you are eligible to receive one of these offers, just contact your bank’s customer service department and ask. Also, be sure to opt for emails and promotional emails, as these are the type of ads you want to see.

Be sure to use a retailer’s loyalty program

Be sure to use a retailer

Many retailers offer their own loyalty programs that allow you to earn rewards in the form of store credit. For example, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a rewards program called ScoreCard that allows you to earn 3% in rewards, and Costco has an Executive Rewards program that allows members to earn 2% on each purchase. Similarly, almost all airlines and hotel chains offer some kind of loyalty program that is free.

And when you book a trip, the Expedia + program allows you to earn rewards for your purchases, sometimes in addition to any plane or hotel rewards you may receive from your reservations. Be sure to include your rewards membership number in your order.

How to stack these rewards

How to stack these rewards

It may seem a problem to skip several hoops to make a purchase, but consider the savings you would get, just for those few additional minutes. Instead of getting a 1.5% cash refund from your credit card with flat-rate cash back, you can get an additional 3% using a shopping portal and maybe another 2% at store points by enrolling in a program of loyalty With a purchase of $ 300, instead of just recovering $ 4.50, you could save $ 19.50. All that is needed is a little dedication and organization.

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