Real estate loan comparison online: secure top conditions

Are you planning to buy the property or build a house? Let employees of the credit broker Interhyp advise you free of charge and without obligation – on-site or by phone. You benefit from a real estate loan comparison among more than 400 financing partners.

As you may have noticed immediately, Interhyp does not offer real estate loan comparison online. Your loan offer will be created during a consultation.

We explain to you why an online building loan comparison, unlike an online installment loan comparison, is never possible.

No reputable credit broker dealing with real estate financing will offer a fully online comparison with subsequent binding automatic quotation creation.

However, online you will find a large number of computers and other aids with which you can get a good overview of the market. These tools are also suitable for preparing the consultation.

Real estate loan comparison: individual advice is essential

Real estate loan comparison: individual advice is essential

The cost of real estate financing depends on many factors.

While the comparison of consumer loans is primarily about the personal and economic creditworthiness of the applicant, his marital status, as well as the amount of the loan and the term, certain properties of the property, also play a role in mortgage lending, for example:

Which property should be financed (only the property, condominium, new building, purchase of an existing house)?

Which type of property should be financed (terraced house, detached house, old building or new building)?

How will or should the property be used (own use, rental, commercial use)?

In which region (zip code) is the property located?

What market value is to be assumed (valuation report required)?

Based on the market value, which mortgage lending value and which lending limit do the bank accept?

In addition, individual financing requirements must be taken into account.

What is equity capital?

Which interest rate fixation and which initial repayment make sense in a specific case?

Which form of financing or which combination of different types of financing enables the cheapest solution (annuity loans, full-time loans, building society contracts)?

The list, which is by no means complete, makes it clear that a large number of very different combinations are possible.

The financing of a row house in a noble district in Frankfurt will have different characteristics than the financing of a detached single-family house in rural Lower Saxony.

For the financing of a rental property, different conditions will apply than for the financing of an owner-occupied property.

The mortgage calculators offered on the Internet are not able to take all the features into account.

Depending on the quality, information about the property and the location of the property, as well as the desired loan amount, are requested. There is also general information on the economic situation.

Since not all factors relevant to the costs can be processed automatically, the information on the interest rates only estimates. Either average interest rates are given or the cheapest interest rates are used, but only a small proportion of credit customers can benefit from them.

Building money: where to get advice?

Building money: where to get advice?

We recommend that you get the help of a credit broker specializing in real estate finance. You benefit from two advantages:

Credit brokers use modern technology to be able to offer current interest rates at any time. The debit interest on real estate financing can fluctuate from day today. Even small deviations, by a fraction of a percent, can make up thousands of euros in real estate financing.

Credit intermediaries always work with a few hundred financing partners. These include banks, savings banks, cooperative banks, building societies, and insurance companies, regional lenders and national lenders.

However, credit brokers cannot access the offers of all financial service providers. As a rule, credit intermediaries only have a few hundred partners. In Germany, however, there are over 2000 financial service providers who deal in some form with the financing of real estate.

So let several credit brokers create offers for you. In any case, getting some offers is advisable when it comes to large sums of funding.

However, they have specialized knowledge of the regional property market and market values, which the financing partners of the credit intermediaries may lack. Sometimes the financing offers are therefore cheaper than at national credit institutions.

Prepare the consultation: tips

Prepare the consultation: tips

Prepare well if you want to get the most out of the consultation. Use the different computers that Interhyp makes available to you free of charge. With the household calculator, you can compare the relevant income and expenditure and determine your financial scope.

The budget calculator provides an overview of how high the expenses for the property can be without you overstretching your financial scope.

A personalized interest calculator gives an impression of the expected interest rate. The repayment calculator gives you an overview of which initial repayments you can afford and whether full repayment loans can be an option for you.


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