Safe Tips to Apply for Trusted Online Loans

Nowadays, quite a number of multipurpose credit companies operate online. Of course, this can be an advantage for you, when it comes to needing different funds. Due to money matters, online lending companies are still being monitored by OJK, a financial services firm in Indonesia.

To avoid bad credit and other problems in the credit process, OJK has its own terms. That provision can also be your reference when it comes to choosing Good Credit financial loans.

Safe Tips for Applying for Multiple Credit Online

Before applying for a loan, it is a good idea to first check the list of financial companies that are listed on OJK. Registered companies mean they have complied with the government’s rules and regulations regarding online credit-based services.

The following are some of the marks of a financial company registered with OJK:

  • Legal

Trusted online lending companies certainly have legality in the form of business bodies. It aims to provide protection for lenders. The legality of the company is also a value of its own credibility, in relation to its financial health. After all, how can a financially sound company help your financial needs?

  • Flowers

The average online financial solution provider implements the daily interest system. Well, the nominal interest rate applied by an OJK licensed company cannot exceed 1% per day. OJK views this rule as a step toward reducing the likelihood of bad credit during your credit life.

Customer Care Services

Customer Care Services

Another criteria that a trusted online lender should have is the availability of services for customers, commonly referred to as call centers. OJK requires lenders to have this division to deal with customer complaints. So, choose a fintech company that has a fixed phone contact number, yes.

  • Transparency

All transactions between the financing company and its customers should be made as transparent as possible. The element of transparency in this regard is that customers or prospective customers should know in advance of the applicable interest rates, maturities, penalties and sanctions, and other sensitive matters.

The goal of transparency under the OJK is for customers to manage their finances after getting a loan. In the end, the OJK has always hoped that online bank customers would not be trapped in debt because they failed to understand the conditions of lending money online.

  • Application Status

One of the aspects of online lending is the speed of the process. From filing, verification, to disbursement of funds. All that work can be done in just one day.

Well, a trusted financing company should have a container for their customers to monitor the status of their applications. That’s where the process goes, whether or not the application is approved. This ease is part of the transparency described in the previous point

Corporate Attitude towards Customers

Trusted online lending companies certainly have good service standards. This is because they are being monitored by the OJK. The attitude of a fintech company when dealing with customers is that there is no element of coercion. Even if they make the offer, the decision remains with the customer.

Also, a trustworthy company will not ask for a deduction beyond the cost of the loan. The fee will also be deducted when the funds are ready to be liquidated. If you are required to pay additional fees in advance, please report them directly to the OJK or YLKI who are looking after the customers.

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