What Are the Reasons for Fear of Finding Loans for Business Capital?

Opening a business is one of the current opportunities to get ahead and succeed. This is also countered with a large amount of loan capital from banks or other money institutions.

You need to know that currently living as an employee is no longer an option, considering the current unemployment ratio is far greater than the number of jobs available.

Investing your life as an employee


As a smart society, of course, you can see many opportunities that instead of investing your life as an employee, it is better to invest your time and life as an entrepreneur.

Besides you can be your own boss, you also help in providing employment for those who are far more in need than you.

It’s just that when talking about starting a business a lot of reasons are running around in your brain such as:

  • Fear of borrowing capital because the existing loan capital is not enough or actually does not have the capital to start a business.
  • Fear of starting a business for fear of failure so that it will add new problems in life, especially if you are married.
  • Fear of losing a job position that is now pretty good.
  • Fear of being cheated.
  • Fear not gifted in running a business.
  • Fear not approved by the family.
  • Afraid of what people say when leaving an established job just to open a business that does not necessarily have advantages.

In essence, all those reasons are your fears that may not necessarily occur. This is only in the form of possibilities that if you are smart enough and wise in starting a business can, of course, be avoided and overcome.

After all, most fears are unfounded, such as fear of what people say or fear that it will add a new problem to the family. This has nothing to do with your initial intention in starting a business. Then what about your fears in looking for loan capital?

Applying for loan capital for venture capital


If you are just afraid that applying for loan capital for venture capital, you do not need to worry because now there are many loan solutions that are not only fast but also easy with safe guarantees and relatively low interest. One of the most recommended is a peer to peer lending or p2p lending.

This type of loan capital in Indonesia is still relatively new but don’t get me wrong, many entrepreneurs have proven the superiority of applying for loans through this peer to peer system. Here are some of the benefits to be gained if you apply for loan capital through a peer to peer system:

  • The first advantage is that the peer to peer system uses an online or e-commerce based system so that the entire process from listing, verification to fund disbursement can be done quickly and accurately.
  • The loan interest offered is relatively low when compared to other financial institutions.
  • Many choices of types of loan capital and one of the most profitable for the novice entrepreneur is the absence of burdensome collateral like most other financial institutions.
  • Although the system is person-to-person, through a peer to peer system allows you as a debtor to borrow large amounts and do not need to be sourced from just one person.
  • The entire lending system is regulated by the management company so that you do not need to bother looking for investors because all the fundraising processes submitted are carried out directly by the company providing peer lending services.
  • Because through the service provider company, you also do not need to meet directly with investors who provide loan capital for you.
  • And of course, the peer to peer system has a relatively low risk when compared to the loan system

Currently, in Indonesia, there are already quite a lot of companies that provide peer lending services.

Importance of investment 


This is because Indonesians have begun to realize the importance of investment and many Indonesian people have decided to turn into entrepreneurs because besides the business prospects are still very many, Indonesians have begun to realize that the old paradigm of schooling, graduation, work and being an employee has already not important anymore.

Because the current trend of entrepreneurship is also increasing, especially among young people, so many creative souls have emerged and peer to peer lending is present as a safe and reliable solution for them.

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